Thursday, February 21, 2008

Genesis of an Octogenarian 1, 2, 3 & 4

At last, I'm glad to report that the first fourchapters of Peter Milward's autobiography, Genesis of an Octogenarian, are ready. The digital version is on a dark background with white letters, which some consider helpful to online readers. At any rate, I'm also preparing a PDF version, which I hope I can make available one of these days. Meanwhile enjoy reading Peter's birth and childhood in remote London.

Here is the door to PMGenesis, Peter Milward's Genesis of an Octogenarian.

For various reasons, if you wish to link to Peter's autobiography or recommend it to anyone, please use the URL of this Blog rather than the URL of PMGenesis. The PMGenesis URL may disappear or move, but hopefully the URL of this Blog will remain longer.


Andrea Campana said...

As an American graduate student studying Shakespeare, I once asked my professor, "Why are the British so much smarter than us?" He replied, "It just seems that way, because they care about different things than we do." The beauty of Fr. Peter's life seems not rooted in reaching the status of octogenarian but rather in what he cares about and the way in which he has lived his life. Through his intelligent, eloquent, witty, infinitely charming, and abundantly humorous reflections of life's banalities and miracles, we see how he interprets their mysteries in the same way he would interpret a brilliant piece of literature. In his service to Christ, his life is like a brilliant piece of literature, filled with meaningful nuances and profundity capable of changing the lives of others. I have only met Fr. Peter electronically, and only within the last six months or so, but I have found him an easy person to love. It is clear from the countless respectful references to him by myriad authors, and the special honor accorded his work by Boston College, that others feel the same. Wouldn't Shakespeare have been proud?

Anonymous said...

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