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Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (5/5)

November 14, 2007, marked the 100th anniversary of Pedro Arrupe's birth. Pedro Arrupe, born in Spain, worked in Japan as a Jesuit, making significant contributions. He was later elected the General of the Society of Jesus. Jesuits and their institutions around the world celebrated the event in various ways.

Here is a series of powerpoint slideshows, prepared by Jayaraj, an Indian Jesuit, on the life of Arrupe.

Pedro Arrupe - I
Pedro Arrupe - II
Pedro Arrupe - III
Pedro Arrupe - IV

Here is a 2001 Spanish production on Pedro Arrupe, in five parts. Looks like the presentation was televised by TVE 2 in Spain.

Note the program is in Spanish, and the video is occasionally less than ideal, though watchable. As a professional production, this moves quickly touching upon only the major events in Arrupe's life.

Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (1/5) 9'20"
Arrupe's birth, education, and entry into Japan

Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (2/5) 8'40"
Arrupe's life in Japan, election as the General of the Society of Jesus, and the 32nd General Congregation of Jesuits.

Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (3/5) 8'42"
Arrupe's activities as the General, problems with Liberation Theology, and comments by Ignacio Iglesias and Garcia Gutierrez.

Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (4/5) 7'32"
Arrupe's stroke and the troubles in Rome to get the Society back in order. The roles of Vince O'Keefe, Paulo Dezza, and Joseph Pittau

Documental Pedro Arrupe 2001 (5/5) 4'7"
The last days of Arrupe, his death, and the tomb alongside Ignatius and Xavier.

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