Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vocation S.J.: Companions of Jesus (3 clips)

This is a series of three video clips introducing the Jesuits and their work. Three Jesuits, Brother Jim Boynton, Father Eduardo Fernandez, and Father Greg Boyle appear.

Vocation S.J.: Companions of Jesus Clip 1 of 3 (7'29"):
In this segment several Jesuits appear, including John English, SJ, speaking of Jesuit life, their mission, and their educational philosophy. Finally, a young Jesuit says how he finds his priesthood.

Vocation S.J.: Companions of Jesus Clip 2 of 3 (7'10"):
BEWARE: When the video goes past 20" of playtime, it enters an infinite loop, probably due to some bug. When this happens, just click the play-line at about 25" point or so, and the white-circle-with-red-center skips a few seconds and starts playing from where you clicked without any subsequent problem.

This video presents the work of a Jesuit with troubled kids.

Vocation S.J.: Companions of Jesus Clip 3 of 3 (6'26"):

This final segment deals with Jesuits reflecting on their own Jesuit life, finding it challenging, energizing, and at times difficult.

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